Originally emerging from the depths of Hull, in the North of England, London-based graphic artist JAKe's work is instantly recognisable - having first come to prominence via his portraits of artists such as Massive Attack, Beastie Boys and Oasis for NME, Esquire, Time Out and the like. It was his iconic work for the Prodigy on the Fat of The Land' LP that first brought him to the attention of an international audience. As well as over a decade of illustration comissions, other projects along the way have included sleeve designs for Ugly Duckling, Steinski/Sugarhill Records and Norman Cook,as well as collaborations with The Mighty Boosh, Lucasfilm (Star Wars) the Hip Hop Immortals events, clothing company Carhartt, Paris boutique Colette and Japanese designer Comme Des Garcons.

He is the creator of the BADjUjU characters and his next figure, 'Enough Apes Already (Another JAKe Ape)', an image which previously appeared printed on a t-shirt for Japanese company 2K by Gingham, made the transition to vinyl in December 2004, and was released worldwide in four sought after variants.

In 2005, JAKe created 'Geekboy', a series of critically acclaimed animated shorts for the Sci-Fi Channel. Produced by onedotzero, 'Geekboy', JAKe's debut as an animation director/writer, was selected for the prestigious Annecy Festival in 2006, and was shown internationally on the festival circuit.

He is currently working on a BADjUjU comic strip, toys and creating exclusive new work for this year's Star Wars 3Oth Birthday Celebration.