Ed Hooks

Ed Hooks Ed, author of Acting for Animators and Acting in Animation: A Look at 12 Films, is honoured to be returning to Animex. He is a pioneer in acting training specifically designed for animators rather than stage actors and has taught at most major feature animation and game studios, including Disney Feature Animation, DreamWorks/PDI, Blue Sky, Sony, Tippett Studio, Rising Sun Pictures, Microsoft (X-Box/Fasa Studio), Lucas Learning, Will Vinton Studios, Midway Games, Animal Logic (Sydney Australia), Electronic Arts (LA), Valve Software and OddWorld Inhabitants. In addition, Ed has taught internationally at Television Globo (Rio de Janeiro), Filmakademie Baden-Wurtemberg (Stuttgart, Germany), HFF (Postdam), Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia), Victorian School of Film and Television (Melbourne), Nanyang Polytechnic Institute (Sinagpore) and the National Film School (UK). Ed has been a featured speaker at SIGGRAPH, GDC, SAND (Swansea, South Wales) and FMX (Stuttgart).