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Richard Hardaker Obituary

15 January 09

Richard Hardaker was General Manager of the Cineworld Cinema in Middlesbrough since it opened in 2001.

Richard Hardaker He had previously worked in several other cinemas around the UK and was a huge film fan. He had an outstanding reputation within the industry and was regarded as an approachable and supportive business partner.

Richard was involved in a large number of film related initiatives and supported producers, directors and actors from small independent companies. His key focus and passion was for the local film industry and media and arts community. Through the cinema he supported numerous events such as festivals, conferences and other associated activities.

He was a talented artist and keen sportsman.

Many people in the Teesside area have benefited from Richard's support, not least of all Animex which, I am proud to say, he has helped to develop over the last eight years.

Richard will be remembered by everybody at Animex as a great supporter of the festival and somebody who held its core values and ethos in high regard.

Richard has ensured that the cinema has been an integral part of Animex since 2001 with his colleague and friend Darren Williams, now General Manager at VUE in Hartlepool. His support in those early years when the festival was developing and growing has continued and, through his colleagues like Dave Thomas at Cineworld, that relationship has gone from strength to strength and is flourishing.

He will be missed by all of his colleagues, friends and family and is survived by his wife Lynn and daughter Emily.

So, if you find yourself with a drink in your hand during the week, raise a glass to Richard. We dedicate Animex 09 to you.

Richard Hardaker, 1969 - 2008