Animex Street

Street in Middlesbrough

Animex Street takes Animex out to the good folk of Teesside. Over the years we have showcased work in the craziest of locations. Projecting falling tears from within the North East`s tallest building Centre North East, entertaining staff and patients at local hospitals with huge digital displays, shopping centres have flickered with animated life, Middlesbrough football club has hosted massive projections and shown community productions on all concourse screens during big games, and it doesn't stop there.

Community support centres, poetry nights, floating barges and various shops cafes and public houses have all participated with Animex Street, and have helped in spreading the word that if you want to go far by developing your creativity then you don't have to go far (geographically) to achieve it.

Animex Street has had another busy year engaging in, and managing many exciting projects. The culmination of the Learning and Skills Council-funded Animatus project, as it enters its second year, has provided a fantastic opportunity for anyone over the age of 18 to produce and develop their animation and story telling skills.

We have been invited to some wonderful places worldwide to speak on the benefits of community engagement with new digital media, and to encourage and support other festivals who see the massive benefits behind this creative ideology.

Animators, actors, writers, poets, and musicians have hosted taster sessions in primary schools and will be hosting many more in Pallister Park, Park End, North Ormesby, and the Berwick Hills areas of Middlesbrough. There will also be the chance to visit sunny Saltburn and view some community groups animations and learn more about Animex, Digital City, and the University of Teesside's community programmes. We have also teamed up with the Extended Schools project and are assisting in developing learning strategies that will involve both children and parent participation.

Listen out for the BBC Radio Cleveland bus as it tours schools and community centres with on-board animators. Keep your eyes open for projections at the TS1 gallery, pubs, clubs, cafes, nightspots, and any blank wall that may spark into movement when you least expect it.

So keep your eyes peeled for updates on workshops and keep your ears to the ground for talks and screenings, or keep your head in the clouds if this isn't for you.

Come on Teesside lets get animated.

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