Animex Exhibition

5 - 9 February

Europa Building, University of Teesside

Experiencing animation, games and CGI is what Animex is all about, but the work on show does not spring into being from nothing, there is a process involved. The aim of Animex Exhibition is to give its audience an insight into the creative processes that lead up to the production of the work showcased at Animex.

Last year, Animex Exhibition began to move away from being a purely decorative dimension of the festival in order to offer more of an insight into the process of creation and to explore more explicitly the interface between the creative arts, graphics, design and computing. The introduction of storyboards and sketches, as well as the finished renders and illustrations, proved to be a popular part of the exhibition. The storyboards on display use original art work and digital images to illustrate the thought processes behind the work produced by games programmers and animators. Animex Exhibition 2007 aims to continue this development and hopes to provide an even more extensive range of approaches and materials.

Animex Exhibition is an illustrative accompaniment to the various aspects of the festival; in a sense it's the place where each of the festival's themes comes together. It offers a view into the studios, labs and workshops of those creative artists whose work in areas such as character development, texture mapping, 3D rendering and the animation process is so crucial to the highly sophisticated nature of the games and images with which we interact today.

Animex Exhibition is open to everyone and provides a particularly exciting learning experience for the younger participants at the festival. Gaining an understanding of the creative processes that go into the production of the various games and animations on display significantly enhances the ways in which we can engage with them.

We hope that Animex Exhibition 2007 will have something to interest everyone and, who knows, might even discover or encourage the next generation of animators and games designers.

Stephen Murray
Curator, Animex Exhibition