Shelley Page

Shelley Page Shelley Page began her career in Feature Animation in 1987 as backgrounds supervisor on ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’. An illustrator by training, she joined the legendary Richard Williams animation studio in Soho in 1982, where she painted backgrounds, fended off clients AND produced commercials for Dick Williams. This was a good commando-style preparation for the early days of DreamWorks Feature Animation in Los Angeles which she joined in 1995 as one of the first 15 artists to be hired. Now based back in London, Shelley represents the DreamWorks animation studio at many major animation conferences and festivals around Europe. Her current role involves building relationships with European studios and looking for new talent. Shelley is a jury member and speaker at most of the major European animation festivals and conferences. Her special interest is student animation and she sits on graduation juries at several of the top animation schools.