Curtis Jobling

Designer, Illustrator & Writer

Curtis Jobling was born in Blackpool, England. He describes himself in his childhood as being small and freckly ("ginger", according to his cousins, but the adult Jobling to this day refutes these claims). He is the designer of the worldwide hit children's television show Bob the Builder, has a number of his own shows in development and is a successful published children's book author and illustrator. Clients include the BBC, HIT Entertainment, Nickelodeon, the Jim Henson Company, and Aardman Animation. Picture books Curtis has worked on include Frankenstein's Cat (also an animation project), Dinosaurs After Dark and Skeleton in the Closet. He has also worked on Nick Park's Oscar winning A Close Shave and Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! as well as writing, designing and directing a series of interstitial animations for Nickelodeon, Curious Cow, with long time collaborators and production company Mackinnon & Saunders.

Recently Curtis has embarked on a series of more personal painting projects, including the much-anticipated Monster Mob collection, and the upcoming Grimm collection, based upon the infamous dark faerie tales. These more personal projects pull on a variety of influences on the artist, from childhood through to the present day. His love of children's books and monster movies shines through in his paintings, and clearly both humour and colour are of paramount importance to Jobling. The influences are clear to see, from Seuss and Harryhausen through to Burton and Larson.

He lives in North Yorkshire, England, surrounded by a ridiculous collection of film and animation memorabilia. He recently completed writing his first novel, Tales From The Wyrdwood. His favourite distraction is his adorable son, Andrew, who for now appears to have skipped the "ginger curse".