Mark Walsh

Directing Animator

Pixar Animation Studios

Mark Walsh Mark Walsh grew up in southern California with a dilemma. He couldn't decide whether to be an actor, musician, dancer, puppeteer or stuntman. So in his spare time he watched a lot of cartoons. As a teenager he learned that people actually made those cartoons, and that animation could combine all his crazy ambitions into one career that might actually pay the bills. So after high school, Mark headed to the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) to learn to be an animator. While attending CalArts, Mark worked as a Character Designer and Storyboard artist for various animated television shows to help pay tuition. Luckily, he still had time to create several of his own short cartoons, including Extra Crispy, a Student Emmy Award winner of 1997.

Upon graduating, Mark moved north to a little-known company called Pixar Animation Studios. There he discovered a crazy family of fellow actors, puppeteers, stuntmen, and the like. At Pixar, Mark lent his talent as an Animator on A Bug's Life, as an Animator and Storyboard Artist on Toy Story 2, a Character Developer on Monsters, Inc., and most recently as Directing Animator on Finding Nemo. Mark is currently helping out on future projects at Pixar.

In his free time, Mark enjoys playing ragtime piano, dancing the night away, and working on his own personal cartoons. Amazingly enough, the only childhood dream left unfulfilled is that of stuntman --an oversight for which his parents are extremely grateful.