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Game offering

26 January 07

Due to the popularity of Ken Wong’s Concept illustration workshop last year, this year we are offering two, one traditional and one digital!

Andy Wright from Swordfish will be drawing upon his years of experience as a games concept artist at companies such as Acclaim, Sony and Warthog to take participants from brainstorming processes through to final designs.

Adi Granov is most known for his Marvel comic book work including the highly acclaimed Iron Man - Extremis series with writer Warren Ellis. His digital illustration workshop looks at how to create impressive designs in a short time to 'sell' concepts to producers.

For all budding games designers, Ernest Adams - game designer, author and founder of IGDA will be running a half-day introduction to game design in which participants take on a specific role and divide into teams which will each work on a unique game idea. The only pre-requisite is an interest in games.

If the Scriptwriting for Games panel has got your creative juices flowing, check out Award winning screenwriter Andy Ross’s workshop on writing for film in which he explores a range of subjects in order to give participants a deeper understanding of what makes a screenplay most fulfilling to an audience.

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