Animex Street

Street in MiddlesbroughAnimex Street takes the festival out to the good folk of Teesside. Over the years, Animex Street has showcased work on the craziest locations including, the North East's tallest structure, Centre North East, hospital waiting rooms and wards, shopping centres, Middlesbrough Football Club in and around the stadium, drug rehabs, poetry nights, floating barges and various shops, cafes and public houses in and around our glorious region.

This year will be even bigger with Animexperience kicking off for the first time during the festival. Animexperience will give some lucky people the chance to roll up their sleeves and create their own animated work of art with guidance from some of the industry's major players. There will be talks, question and answer sessions and screenings of primarily locally-created work, animators will visit primary schools and there will be an abundance of career and education guidance from local educators and practitioners. But, fundamentally, it will give people an insight into an industry they may have thought out of reach and will encourage future creative practice.

Animex Street will also showcase the work produced as part of the Animatus project, which was ran in conjunction with the Learning Skills Council (LSC) and was hosted at Arc in Stockton, during the whole of 2005. Animatus gave anyone over the age of 18 the opportunity to tell their story and turn it into an animation. The project has been hailed a massive success, and has been used as a good practice example by both the LSC and Basic Skills Departments as a way for disadvantaged groups to express their creativity in an environment of educational interactive fun. Some of the content in some of the finished Animatus work requires an over-18 certificate, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on workshops, keep your ear to the ground for talks and screenings and keep your head in the clouds if this isn't for you.

Come on Teesside lets get animated.

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