Animex Game

Programme: 7 February 2006

Please note: line-up and timetabling is subject to change.

8.45am Registration
9.00am Breaking into the Industry Panel
Recruitment expert Mary Margaret Walker and level designer Richard 'Levelord' Gray are just two of the games professionals discussing what it takes to get into the industry. Have your questions at the ready!
11.00am Break
11.30am How to Use and Abuse the Gaming Press, and how the Gaming Press wants to Use and Abuse you
Games Journalist and writer Kieron Gillen shares his insider knowledge of the gaming press.
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Tackling the Next Generation of Consoles
Andrew Oliver Chief Technical Officer/Development Director at Blitz Games looks at the new wave of next generation consoles; the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Revolution, and what these super powerful new consoles will mean to the video games buying market, the industry and developers.
2.30pm Break
3.00pm The Making of LEGO Star Wars
Jonathan Smith, Development Director at Giant/Traveller's Tales' discusses the production of and lessons learned from this highly popular title.
4.00pm Introversion - Last of the Bedroom Programmers
Chris Delay and Mark Morris will be taking the stage to talk about Darwinia, Introversion and the truly innovative way they go about making games.
5.00pm Close