Animex Game

Programme: 6 February 2006

Please note: line-up and timetabling is subject to change.

8.45am Registration
9.15am Welcome
Gabrielle Kent
9.20am Keynote Address - Emerging Issues in Game Design Ernest Adams, Game designer and founder of IGDA
This lecture highlights a wide variety of important emerging issues for game design as of early 2006. It does not propose answers, but seeks to identify potential challenges ahead. Among them are the credible portrayal of sex in games; the consequences of blurring the boundaries between in-game and out-of-game events in MMOGs; the end of graphics as a dominant force in selling games; new roles for AI; new forms of interactive narratives; procedural content generation; games as art; and above all, the arrival of the mass market, in the form of casual players.
10.30am Break
10.50am Strange How It Turned Out!
Strange Agency take a compelling look at some of the hidden trends of the games industry discovered through their unique game analysis software.
11.30am Low-Level Game Design, Atoms, Measurement and Hierarchies.
Ben Cousins, lead designer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm The Next Generation
John Bursey and Malcolm Chatter from Eutechnyx give us the lowdown on their latest art techniques for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.
2.30pm Pac-Man World 3 - Level Design from Concept to Completion
Emma Morle from Blitz games discusses the level design procedure implemented on Pac-Man World 3, from mission brief and hi-level environment concept to art production.
3.00pm Inclusive Games Design
Kaye Elling, creative manager at Blitz Games looks at the five key aspects of design that make games inclusive to people of all ages and both genders. This talk looks at the lessons learned in the making of the recent release Bratz: Rock Angelz.
3.30pm Break
4.00pm Rodney Matthews
Prolific fantasy artist Rodney Matthews talks about bringing his distinctive style to games such as Shadow Master and Haven.
5.00pm Close