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Alex Trowers

Designer / Project Manager , Remode Studios

Alex Trowers Alex is revelling in his new-found indie status and (hopefully successful) Glyph Quest series of games.

With any luck, this will enable him to pursue his dream of a successful Kickstarter campaign and all of the riches within. During his career he has had the good fortune to work for many companies - from Bullrog and EA to Black Rock and Boss Alien - on all sorts of games - from Syndicate and Dungeon Keeper to CSR Racing and Glyph Quest. As such, Alex is an industry veteran who has been designing games since before most of his audience have been alive.
When he's not being depressed by that thought, he loves to talk gameplay design. Proper, good, old-fashioned, fun-to-play gameplay. If this isn't the sort of thing you like to hear about at length, you should probably give him a wide berth. No. Wider than that. Keep walking.

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