Mike Bodie

Motion Capture VO Actor

Mike Bodie -

Mike Bodie trained at LAMDA in London and is one of the founders, owners, and performers in the Olivier and Tony-Award winning theatre company Mischief Theatre. He has been working in screen, stage, voice over, and motion capture for over 10 years. His recent credits include The Comedy About A Bank Robbery on the West End, Spectral for Netflix, and Voice Over for Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and Wolfenstein 2. Mike will be supporting Jim Gentile's mocap workshop 'Pushing Performance Motion Capture: How to Emote and Sell Your Performance'.



Pushing Performance Motion Capture: How to Emote and Sell Your Performance

Motion Capture direction should be viewed as a “hands-on” approach to enhance performance for emoting action and getting the most out of your talent.

In this workshop, we will be working with markered actors on a live Mocap stage to demonstrate best practices for a robust session, be it action, drama, sports or comedy. Also covered will be how to handle talent and control a shoot. How you present yourself as a director will dictate the session and the positive feedback and energy of your talent. Be prepared to participate.

Workshop sponsored by Moveshelf

IC1.60, Stephenson Building

16 May 2018 | 09:30