Amelia Tyler

Motion Capture VO Actress

Amelia Tyler -

Amelia is an actor specialising in voice and full performance capture for video games. Recent roles include the enigmatic half-demon Malady in the BAFTA-winning ‘Divinity Original Sin II’, elderly space explorer Rebecca Weston in ‘Elite Dangerous: Horizons’, multiple characters in ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ and thousands of women in ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’. This year she’ll be appearing as the female lead role of Scarlet in ‘The Occupation’, the lead role of Cooper in 'The Spectrum Retreat' and several characters in titles including ‘We Happy Few’, ‘Forgotton Anne’, 'Du Lac and Fey: Dance of Death', 'The Bard's Tale IV' and 'Frostpunk'. Amelia will be supporting Jim Gentile's mocap workshop 'Pushing Performance Motion Capture: How to Emote and Sell Your Performance'.


Pushing Performance Motion Capture: How to Emote and Sell Your Performance

Motion Capture direction should be viewed as a “hands-on” approach to enhance performance for emoting action and getting the most out of your talent.

In this workshop, we will be working with markered actors on a live Mocap stage to demonstrate best practices for a robust session, be it action, drama, sports or comedy. Also covered will be how to handle talent and control a shoot. How you present yourself as a director will dictate the session and the positive feedback and energy of your talent. Be prepared to participate.

Workshop sponsored by Moveshelf

IC1.60, Stephenson Building

16 May 2018 | 09:30