Adam Droy

VFX Supervisor & 3D Lead Artist

Adam Droy - The Mill

Adam Droy is a highly experienced VFX Supervisor & 3D Lead Artist in The Mill’s London studio. His most recent creative highlights include work on the multi-award winning Waitrose ‘Coming Home’, the humourous Three ‘Go Roam’, featuring a fully CG hybrid creature and the adrenalin infused Virgin Media ‘Delivering Awesome.’ Other creative highlights include LEGOLAND’s ‘Awesome Awaits’, featuring millions of CG bricks coming to life onto the streets of Cape Town, BBC ‘God Only Knows’ and the epic Nike World Cup commercial ‘Winner Stays’. Adam has also played a key role in iconic, complex CG projects such as Lynx ‘Fallen Angels’, Audi’s multi award winning ‘Hummingbird’ and Smithwick’s ‘Squirrel’.

The Mill


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