Chris Wyatt

Animex AVFX

Chris Wyatt - Teesside University

Chris is responsible for the Animex AVFX programme. Originally from a design background he decided to retrain in animation and graduated with a master’s degree in computer animation from Teesside University fifteen years ago. After a period working freelance in the area of animation and concept design he returned to Teesside to teach in the School of Computing where he is now a senior lecturer in 3D animation and Visual Effects and course leader for the BA (Hons) Computer Animation & VFX and BA (Hons) Computer Character Animation programmes. In addition to his academic duties and Animex role in recent years Chris and a small team of Teesside University staff have worked to create the VFX on a selection of film projects for external clients. Most recently he has worked on set, tracking and match move, compositing and creating the photorealistic Gemini spacecraft and Apollo Lunar Module for the highly acclaimed feature length documentaries "The Last Man on the Moon" and "Mission Control - The unsung heroes of Apollo".


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