Animex Awards Programme 4

23 May 2017 - 14:30

International short animations

International short animations

The shorts are screening in the following order:

Pirate Smooch by Tobias Trebeljahr | Germany
Heist by Ed Leicester, United Kingdom
Clockwork by Marine Perrin, Noemie Govare, Victor Guillet, Melodie Pailloux, Sara Glachant, Florian Teyssou | France
Out of Time by Peter Philips | United Kingdom
Time Warped by Julien Desroches | United States
Colossus by Oliver Townsend, Gabriel Holmes | United Kingdom
OFF by Martin Nabelek | Czech Republic
Automn by Helene Letourneur, Yann Austin, Marie Briand, C├ęcile Fauchie, Louise Flatz, Marina Saunier | France
True Colors by Nicole Morciniec | United States
Cube Jun Yang | United States
How The Cookie Crumbles by Elaina Kulke | United States
Moving Out by SeoHee Choi, John Han | United States
BAMF by Francisco Diaz, Daniel Scheg, Carmine Lamorte | United States
A Little Mischief by Joy Dawood | United States
Quetzal by Pauline Gregoire | France
Unmasked by Alice Gavish, Christina Faraj | United States
Eat, Pray, Bird by Huang Ji, Derrick Fun, Jeremy Teo | Singapore
Satellite by Sungwon Moon | United States
Out of My Mind by William Anugerah | Australia
Forest of Berries by Nikol Alanna | United States
Midnight Signs by Marino Guarnieri | Italy
BreakingPoint by Martin Lapp | Germany
Elements by Tan Suan Kai, Neo Wen Kiong, Glenn Goh Yeek Pew | Singapore
Elan Vital by Helen Kwok | United States
Shine by Johannes Flick, Alexander Dietrich | Germany

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