Åsa Roos

Senior UX designer

Åsa Roos - Bioware

Åsa Roos is a Swedish game designer, producer, level designer and UX designer. She started in the games industry about 17 years ago as a game designer for mobile games. From these humble and very restrictive beginnings, she's carved out a career that spans everything from small simulation type games on the N-Gage, to a movement based console and triple-A console titles. Her latest release is the open world game Mad Max by Avalanche Studios. She's currently working as Lead UX designer at BioWare, on a title yet to be announced. In 2016 she was awarded an honorary doctorate in informatics at the University of Skövde for her work to create an inclusive and diverse gaming industry and culture in Sweden.

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Animex Game
Designing to be overlooked

There's one area in games that's best when it's not noticed. User experience design encompasses both the user interface and the introduction of the game to the player, and a good user experience does this without added frustration on the player's part. This is a short introduction to user experience design, how it ties in to game design and how you can use it to streamline both the experience of play and the mechanics of your game.

26 May 2017 | 15:00