Gary Napper

Game director

Gary Napper - Supermassive Games

As game director at Supermassive Games (Until Dawn, Rush of Blood, TumbleVR) Gary is currently working in the exciting world of virtual reality. Previously at Sony as the lead designer at a new studio working with PlayStation VR. Gary is most recognised as the lead designer on the Bafta award winning Alien: Isolation, which also received six nominations including Best Game Design and holds over 60 other industry awards. He was responsible a large part of the game design on Alien: Isolation, including many core mechanics, world interactions, system designs and AI behaviours including the Alien creature itself. Subsequently he became the design director at Creative Assembly leading the early design team on the recently released Halo Wars 2 working with Microsoft and 343 Industries. His early career was with EA working with several teams on games such as Burnout, Black, Family Game Night and the Harry Potter series.


Animex Game Workshops
Game design and VR: working with new rules

Many have called VR the wild frontier of videogames because so many things that used to work for regular games no longer apply to VR titles. In a similar way, new rules are being written for great ways of doing things in VR and things that you should never ever do. However, from working hands on in VR many are discovering that the list of dos and don'ts can be broken very quickly. Gary Napper from Supermassive Games discusses working with VR and some of the discoveries and theories surrounding development.

26 May 2017 | 11:00

Game design communication: getting your idea across

A game design is only as good as its communication. If no one can understand what is great about your designs, then people will struggle to accept and work with your ideas. There are many traditional ways of communicating from game design documents to wikis and websites. This workshop will help you learn about formats and methods of communicating and recording your designs and how to communicate them to others, whether your team is a huge AAA developer or an indie team of two. Knowing your game design and how to talk about it is vital. This workshop will show examples of how this is achievable.

100 places

24 May 2017 | 09:30