Animex Awards Programme 2

OL7 Europa Building, Teesside University
22 May 2017 - 14:30

International short animations (80 minutes)

International short animations (80 minutes)

A varied selection of stop-motion animations, screening in the following order:

Aquarium by Diego L. Yáñez Guzmán | Chile
What The! by Kai-Ting Yang | Taiwan
Chair by Ludwig Camarillo, Cristal Buemi | Spain
Crowd by Jáchym Bouzek | Czech Republic
UKA by Valle Comba | Canales
The Crack by Jordi Piulachs, Lula Gómez | Spain
Mongoose by Chantal Beaulne | Canada
The Curse of the Were-Rat by Jan Julian Rospond | United Kingdom
Twiddly Things by Adara Todd | United Kingdom
Geolier by Héloïse FERLAY| France
Touched by Ludwig Camarillo, Cristina Guisado | Spain
Play House by Yu Yu | Taiwan
Remaining Grandad by Jenae Hall | Australia
Ina by Muffy Levy | Canada
Trip TV by Elika Habartová | Czech Republic
As a little bird I... by Yyhely Hälvin | Estonia
La Diablada by Thomas Lemoine | France
Raising a Nuisance by LS. Quigley | United States
A Love Story by Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara | United Kingdom

Also screening on DAY FOUR