Animex Exhibition

Animex Exhibition runs throughout festival week and is your chance to view exciting pre- and post- production artwork and individual projects by artists and designers in the field of animation and games.

Atomhawk - Guardian of the Galaxy - Quill's ship

22 May 2017


10 years of Animex Exhibitions - Constantine Gallery

Animex Exhibition is 10 years old and is celebrating by exhibiting work from 10 of the fabulous artists and studios we have exhibited over the years.

The exhibition launches on the 22nd and will feature an exciting selection of work by:

Disney: The art of Zootopia
Matt Brooker AKA D’Israeli. Original comic panels from Batman: Shadow of the Bat.
AtomHawk Studio
Drew Struzan. A range of movie posters by this incredible artist.
Tori Cat. A range of Concept art, including Rio.
Alessandro Taini. A selection of character work.
Joe Ng. Original Street Fighter: Akuma panels
Ken Wong, The art of Monument Valley
Adi Granov. A range of Marvel concept and cover work.
Domareen Fox. A series of sketchbook drawings by Studio Soi's Art Director.
Dave Paget. Featuring concept work from Kong: Skull Island.

CLT Constantine Building

Stephen Murray

Animex Exhibition curator
Teesside University