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Ryuta Minami

Professor of English, Shirayuri College, Japan

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Ryuta Minami Ryuta Minami is Professor of English at Shirayuri College, Japan. He has extensively worked on early modern English drama and the receptions and adaptations of Shakespeare in Asia. The Japanese books so far published include A Companion to English Restoration Drama (in Japanese) that he co-edited for Shohakusha in 2009. Minami also co-edited Performing Shakespeare in Japan (Cambridge University Press, 2001& 2010) with Ian Carruthers and John Gillies and Re-playing Shakespeare in Asia (2010: Routledge) with Poonam Trivedi. He also authored chapters for Dennis Kennedy and Yong Li Lan’s Shakespeare in Asia (Cambridge University Press, 2010), Bi-qi Beatirce Lei and Ching-His Perng’s Shakespeare in Culture. (National Taiwan University Press, 2012) and Irena Makaryk’s Shakespeare and the Second World War (University of Toronto Press, 2012) among others.

Talk: Creating Manga Shakespeare for Mature female Readers

Harumo Sanazaki talks about her Manga re-creations of Shakespeare’s plays which are targeted specifically at mature female readers. What is remarkable about her Shakespearean Manga is the ways she shifts perspectives, focusing upon mature female characters such as Lady Capulet and Lady Macbeth. Sanazaki discusses why and how she manganises Shakespeare’s plays as a sex-positive feminist Manga artist. Yukari and Ryuta join Sanazaki to expound the popularity of manga Shakespeare in Japan

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