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Yukari Yoshihara

Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba, Japan

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Yukari Yoshihara Yukari Yoshihara is an associate professor of University of Tsukuba (Japan). She has been extensively studying glocal popular adaptations of Shakespeare’s works. Her talk and publications include “Both go glocal---Manga and Shakespeare” in Fusami Ogi (ed.) Women and Manga (in Japanese: forthcoming in 2015), “Transvestites in Shakespeare and Glocal Manga Adaptations of Shakespeare” (2014), ”Tacky Shakespeare in Japan” in Multicultural Shakespeare, (2013), “Let's Hack the Flagship!---Naughty Shakespeares in Japan” (2013), ”Do We Call Them Shakespeare-Related Products?” (2013), “Is This Shakespeare?: Inoue Hidenori's Adaptations of Shakespeare” in Poonam Trivedi and Minami Ryuta (eds.), Re-Playing Shakespeare in Asia (2010).

Talk: Creating Manga Shakespeare for Mature female Readers

Harumo Sanazaki talks about her Manga re-creations of Shakespeare’s plays which are targeted specifically at mature female readers. What is remarkable about her Shakespearean Manga is the ways she shifts perspectives, focusing upon mature female characters such as Lady Capulet and Lady Macbeth. Sanazaki discusses why and how she manganises Shakespeare’s plays as a sex-positive feminist Manga artist. Yukari and Ryuta join Sanazaki to expound the popularity of manga Shakespeare in Japan

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