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Nathan Stapley

Lead artist, Double Fine

Speaking at Animex Game

Nathan Stapley Nathan started his career at LucasArts as an artist on Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine and Star Wars Episode I: Racer. He left LucasArts to work at LucasArts-alumnus Tim Schafer's studio, Double Fine Productions, as an artist.

During his 13 years at Double Fine he was the Lead Artist on Broken Age (2014), and has created art for

  • Psychonauts (2005)
  • BrĂ¼tal Legend (2009)
  • Costume Quest (2010)
  • Iron Brigade (2011)
  • Double Fine Happy Action Theater (2012)
  • The Cave (2013)

Talk: Broken Age: from concept to release

Lead artist Nathan discusses the development of Broken Age, from pre-ideas to release. Dealing with a record breaking Kickstarter campaign and changes in scale from initial budget, working with a team of painters to get a cohesive look, working on the game as it was being written, splitting it into two parts, new levels of transparency during development, and other adventurous things.

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