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Jennifer Clixby

Senior Producer at Lionhead

Speaking at Animex Game

 Jennifer is a Senior Producer who has been working at Lionhead for over ten years on titles such as The Movies and Fable III. In fact she has worked in some capacity on every single iteration of the franchise from the original Fable and also was team leader on Fable Heroes.

In 2012 she had the honour of being included in Develop Magazine's 30 under 30, one of only four women to be included in the feature. She is currently working on Fable Legends and was gratified to see so many people having fun playing the game at this year's E3.

Talk: Herding cats: an introduction to games production

Ever wondered what a producer actually does? This talk draws on real world examples of games production challenges and discusses how these can be tackled, while also giving an overview of project lifecycles and how having a good understanding of the development process can help everyone on a team be more effective, resulting in a game everyone can be proud to show to the world.

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