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Alex Trowers

Game Designer

Speaking at Animex Indie

Alex Trowers Alex is currently working on a top secret project, soon to appear on Kickstarter. During his career he has worked for many awesome companies such as Bullfrog and Black Rock. As such, Alex is an industry veteran and also an unashamed gameplay evangelist. He has been designing games for a period of time that can actually be measured in decades.

When he is not finding that thought incredibly depressing, he likes nothing more than to attempt to pass his wisdom on to the next generation of would-be designers. This normally takes the form of hand waving, papercraft and occasionally puppets.

Talk: Game production vs reproduction

What a year! Go indie, have a baby, release two games. These are the things we did, the things we didn’t and why you should do what we say and not what we do. Let’s see what we could have won...

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