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Barry Meade

Commercial Director and Co-Founder , FireproofGames

Speaking at Animex Indie

Barry Meade Barry's career started in Dublin, Ireland in 1992 working on health related 'edutainment' titles for SNES, AMIGA and PC. In early 1994 he moved to the UK to join Bullfrog Productions Ltd. where he spent his time as a lead designer and artist/animator on titles such as Magic Carpet 1 & 2, Syndicate Wars, Dungeon Keeper and many others.

Over the next ten years Barry worked for various studios as a game designer (Acclaim Teesside, Negative Productions, Mucky Foot) before rebooting his career in 2003 to become an artist once again. He was hired as a character artist by Criterion Studios in 2004 working on BLACK and subsequently Burnouts 3, 4 and Paradise. In 2008 Barry and five friends left Criterion to form Fireproof Studios, an award-winning outsource studio.

Fireproof's BAFTA winning first game, The Room, was launched on iPad to in September 2012. They are currently finishing work on The Room Three and developing a brand new title, 'Omega Agent', exclusively for Samsung Gear VR

Talk: Good is not great - underestimating the creative battle

Game players really only want to play the best/most original games out there and while you may not have the budget for a marketing or PR drive, concentrating on delivering the qualities players like to see in the best games can hugely benefit your chances of selling.

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