Animex Screen

International Animation Shorts - 02

This screening contains the following short films:

The Phantom Limb The Phantom Limb

Alex Grigg | Australia, UK | 2013 | 4 min 17 s

James and Martha narrowly survive a motorcycle accident. During the aftermath James mysteriously begins to experience Martha's phantom pains.

Through the Hawthorn Through the Hawthorn

Anna Benner, Pia Borg, Gemma Burditt | UK | 2013 | 8 min 46 s

am has stopped taking his medication - he still doesn’t think he is ill. His mother is fraught after finding Sam naked in a freezing lake in the middle of the night. The doctor thinks Sam should try a different medication. Three characters, three perspectives, three directors: A triptych exploring three very different senses of reality.

Marilyn Myler Marilyn Myler

Mikey Please | UK | 2013 | 6 min 6 s

Marilyn maketh. Marilyn taketh awayth.

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