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Animex Awards Student Shorts 5

This screening contains the following short films:

Follow Through Follow Through

Liz el el Saadany, Netherlands, 05:55, 2014

Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Abstracted ego document or a very stylish 2D animation in black and white. Two characters dance to a soundscape mimicking their every move. When the lead switches they become less in sync with each other.

Ground Floor Ground Floor

Asya Aizenstein, Israel, 02:50, 2014

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem, Israel

Evocative drawn 2D animation in black and white. Scenes of an urban environment reflect the inner feelings of a city walker.

Between You and Me Between You and Me

Quentin Haberham, Rutgher Jousma, Henry Brummelman, Netherlands, 04:55, 2014

HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht, Netherlands

Cgi character animation in which a teenager’s fear of rejection is so debilitating that it takes the form of an imaginary threatening presence hovering around.

Any Witch Way Any Witch Way

Sabrina Denault, Canada, 01:06, 2014

Sabrina Denault, Canada, 01:06, 2014

Cgi character animation where a blind witch is concocting a magic potion to recover her sense of sight. But all medicines have their side effects.

A Fistful of Cookies A Fistful of Cookies

Ivan Jerez, Xin Zhao, Florent Rubio, Timon Topke, UK, 01:37, 2013

School of Computing, Teeside University, UK

Cgi character animation – there is a cookie duel in town and when one of them gets shot there is another turn of events as a bunch of doughnuts turn up to take him away as one of them.

Kitbash Kid Kitbash Kid

Wu Jun’An, Singapore, 04:25, 2014

LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

Cgi character animation - boy living in 1960's style Singapore housing estate spends his time making robots but the curiosity of a very playful robot brings some trouble.

The Answer The Answer

Florent Rubio, Xin Zhao, UK, 03:20, 2013

School of Computing, Teeside University, UK

A young man is preparing for a date when his electric shaver breaks. Desperately searching for a solution he finds a mysterious book that has The Answer.

Dateless Dateless

Remus Buznea , Kyriaki Kyriakou, UK, 03:55, 2014

University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK

A series of romantically unfortunate twenty-somethings are interviewed, describing in vivid detail their search for the ideal partner.

Lovebites Lovebites

Agaki Bautista, Aram Davern, Michael De Caria, Jonathon Iskov, Australia, 03:00, 2014

Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Sydney, Australia

In this subtly humorous character cgi animation, Cecil the mantis unsuspectingly goes on his first date.

Swim Your Way Swim Your Way

Eden Chan, Wei-Yuan Chen, Shih Kai Chang, Taiwan, 06:14, 2014

Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan

Quirky 2D animation. Three little guys living in the ruins get the urge to swim. Due to the unusual structure of their bodies they learn to swim in various ways.

Flavour of the Month Flavour of the Month

Samantha Palmer, UK, 01:20, 2014

University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK

An experimental animation set in a surreal and slightly sickly world of colourful ice lollies.

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