Animex Screen

International Abstract Animation

This screening contains the following short films:

Synesthesia Synesthesia

Michel Gagne | USA | 5’41 | 2013

An animated visualisation of the 1973 Gheorghe Constinescu work ’Dots, Lines, And Patches’ commissioned by the composer.

1000 Plateaus (2004 -2014) 1000 Plateaus (2004 -2014)

Steven Woloshen | CANADA | 3’22 | 2014

Made entirely in the front seat of a car with simple art tools direct to film, this hand-made short celebrates the joy of road maps, travel and jazz music.

Interior Interior

Sabrina Schmid | UK | 1’00 | 2013

Reaching into the heritage of abstract animated imagery, this animation retrieves some of the simplest forms available to reconstruct an image of an ever changing interior space.

Oscillate Oscillate

Daniel Sierra | USA | 4’27 | 2013

Over and over, a single straight line invents and reinvents ways to rapidly morph into the curves and particles that represent the liquid aural universe we all live within.

Grid Life Grid Life

Paul Fletcher | AUSTRALIA | 1'23 | 2013

An energetic and optimistic playful extension of the grids we find ourselves walking, travelling, using for communication and underpinning our media.

Improvisation No. 1: Cumulative Loops Improvisation No. 1: Cumulative Loops

Luigi Allemano | CANADA | 3'20 | 2013

"The audio-visual artifact of an improvisation in hand-drawn animation and musical collage". (IMDB)

Koukou Koukou

Takashi Ohashi | JAPAN | 6’00 | 2013

Vocal calisthenics and an ultra stunning example of the peak art of synchronisation.

MTL Rush MTL Rush

Mathieu Guimond | CANADA | 2'34 | 2014

An experimental essay on colours and movement, scratched and painted directly on 35mm film during the winter of 2014.

Barcode III.0 Barcode III.0

Adriaan Lokman | HOLLAND | 8’30 | 2013

A unique journey across a topography created entirely from a form of digital light and shadow, that have been affected by a bristling terrain of poles bending that light in every direction.

Crux Film Crux Film

Alexander Stewart, Lilli Carre | USA | 5'07 | 2013

Precarious and fluid arrangements constantly interrupt one another in a montage of waiting, anticipating, and transitioning forms.

Two Weeks – Two Minutes Two Weeks – Two Minutes

Judith Poirier | CANADA | 2’35 | 2013

An intensely imaginative exploration of the way we interact with the opposing pages of a book, utilising a vast collection of lead and wood type to print directly onto film stock.

Don't Worry, I'll Do It Don't Worry, I'll Do It

Jordan Wong | USA | 4'11 | 2014

I don’t care, it’s up to you. Don’t worry, I’ll do it. I deserve it, it’s fine. Some days are better, overall I’m OK. Take your time, no rush.

Nemumel Nemumel

Kenichi Yoneda | JAPAN | 2'38 | 2013

A unique style of digital painting; complex, wonderfully paced and demanding attention.

Black Rectangle Black Rectangle

Rhayne Vermette | USA | 1’30 | 2013

In an act of near ultimate meta filmmaking, a 16mm film has been dismantled to its tiniest fragments and reassembled as a projectable montage.

Black And White Film Painting Two Black And White Film Painting Two

Benjamin Rowley | UK | 3'10 | 2013

Paint and ink on 16mm clear leader and scratched black leader optical sound generated from the film surface specifically for Iceland.

Pencil Test Pencil Test

David Ehrlich | USA / CHINA | 3’28 | 2012

From line to surface, melody to harmony, purity to sensuality, from black and white to color. A recent work from a master of the form.

Scintilla 21 Scintilla 21

Wiktor Podgorski | POLAND | 4'08 | 2013

This is the first in a series that looks at cyclicality as a reminder of the creation of the world.

Foldedolors Foldedolors

Jan Goldfuss | GERMANY | 3'25 | 2012

What begins as a stylish synth ride becomes a high energetic colour blast with a strange twist.

Circle Game Circle Game

Patrick Jenkins | CANADA | 1'00 | 2014

Initially an enchanting dance of circles gradually veers into the purely abstract realm through superimposing two drafting templates, resulting in a cascade of 'chance' animation.

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