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Animex Awards Student Shorts 1

This screening contains the following short films:

11 11

Lenna Stamatopoulou, UK, 03:34, 2014

Middlesex University, UK

A stylised 2D animation - a young girl tries to escape from society's corruption.

Paracosm Paracosm

Ken Keiso, Australia, 02:12, 2014

AIM School of Media and Communication, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

The surreal line drawings in black and white of this 2D animation, depict the decomposition of a torso in the eyes of a paracosm.

You Can Get Away You Can Get Away

Jamin Wu, Singapore, 03:15, 2013

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Mimicking the slapstick style and humour of american 2D cartoons of the 1940’s and 1950’s, in this playful 2D animation Big Guy thinks he can get away with a crime he has committed.

With Joy and Merriness With Joy and Merriness

Boukraa Jeanne, Belgium, 05:52, 2014

Ensav la Cambre

In this experimental doco style animation in 2D we observe every day scenes that take on strange proportions where the rise of technology leads to the biggest dream of all: immortality.

Bugstep Bugstep

Ilana Morgan Schwartz, USA, 04:20, 2014

Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

A colourfully illustrated 2D animation transports us to a firefly orchestra deep in the forest, where a rebel bug decides to go against the musical rules. Party with bugs in this all-encompassing tale.

Peculiar Peculiar

Daniela Lizano, Viviana Mora, Costa Rica, 04:07, 2014

University Veritas, Costa Rica

Born with a balloon attached to him, Meelo tries to hide what makes him different and unique, until he meets Jane. Subtle character animation in 2D.

Underwater Underwater

Tamar Akavia, Israel, 05:00, 2014

Shenkar College of Design and Engineering, Israel

Surreal animation in a painted watercolour style conveys a struggle against emotional stress. As the water surrounds her the heroine can only escape by diving into the deep.

Bear Me Bear Me

Kasia Wilk, Germany, 05:45, 2012

Institute for Animation, Visual Effects and Postproduction, Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

One day I found a bear, or he found me. In a simply drawn style reminiscent of children's book illustration, the animation tells a humorous allegory.

The Magpie The Magpie

Will Wivell, UK, 03:14, 2014


In a classical 2D animation style, a boy and a businessman cross paths with the help from a mischievous magpie.

Bird Doggin'! Bird Doggin'!

Bram Cayne, Canada, 01:57, 2013


Skilfully animated in 2D, music meets mayhem when a bird and a dog fight amongst a struggling songwriter's musical instruments, resulting in a free-jazz free-for-all.

Pinched Pinched

Joel Passman, UK, 02:38, 2013

School of Computing, Teeside University, UK

2D animation in surreal proportions about a romantic dinner which goes astray when nipped by a lively lobster.

Wind Wind

Robert Löbel, Germany, 03:49, 2013

University for Applied Sciences, Hamburg, Germany

Stylised 2D animation about the daily life of people living in a windy place who are helplessly exposed to the weather. But they have learnt to live in difficult conditions where the wind creates a natural system for living.

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