Animex Exhibition runs throughout festival week and is a chance for festival goers to view exciting pre and post production artwork and individual projects by artist and designers in the field of animation and games.

Artwork locations:

Athena Building windows
A collection of twelve pieces of work by Ninja Theory Art Director, Alessandro Taini.

Alessandro was born and studied illustration and advertising in Genoa Italy.

After a short period working as an illustrator in Milan, Alessandro moved to London to work as a concept artist and graphic designer.

In 2003 he joined Ninja Theory as Senior Concept Artist for HEAVENLY SWORD he created iconic characters such as Nariko, Kai and King Bohan (played by Andy Serkis)
In 2007 Alessandro became Visual Arts Director creating the visual style for ENSLAVED and DEVIL MAY CRY. Alessandro is also a freelance illustrator for Random House and Bloomsbury publishing.

Constantine Gallery
Featuring work from Newcastle based concept art studio, Atomhawk

An award-winning art and design studio providing concept art, interactive design and animation to the games, film and digital media industries. Projects include Guardians Of The Galaxy, Pottermore, Thor: The Dark World, Killzone, Dead Island, Mortal Kombat.

Europa Atrium gallery
Manga Shakespeare by Harumo Sanazaki

Ms Sanazaki is a prolific Japanese manga artist with more than 300 published manga books. She has worked extensively for several leading publishers, creating romance, mystery, horror and historical fantasy mangas. Her works include Angel Wars, Tenshi no Ryôriban [An Angel’s Chef], Abe no Seimei, and Asakusa Yangu Yôhinten [Young Shop of mysterious goods in Asakusa]. Sanazaki has had active interests in Shakespeare’s plays, and has so far created manga adaptations of Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Shadow of the Bat by Matt Brooker

Under the pen name D'Israeli, Matt Brooker has been a comic artist since 1988, and a regular contributor to 2000AD since 2003. He’s best known for his collaboration with Ian Edginton on projects such as Leviathan, Stickleback and Scarlet Traces, and for his work with Rob Williams on Judge Dredd spin-off Lowlife.

He’s currently working on a new 2000AD series, Helium. When not globe-trotting, he lives in Nottingham, UK, and wishes he had a cat.

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