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Mark Davies Mark began working as a Game Designer 14 years ago back at Climax, working on a variety of titles. He then moved over to Ninja Theory in 2005 to work as Lead Level Designer on Heavenly Sword, for which he had the honor of presenting a talk at Animex 2008 on his work for that project. That was followed by working as Lead Designer on Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, a game that he is tremendously proud of, even though sales figures didn't exactly threaten the CoDs and GTAs of this world.

In 2010 he decided that the UK was just too warm and moved to the freezing wastelands of California to work at the illustrious Naughty Dog. After 2 years of working on a top secret second project, he could finally stop lying to everyone about what he was really working on when The Last of Us was announced at the VGAs in 2011. The Last of Us was released in June 2013 to critical acclaim, and great sales figures, thankfully!

Talk: Embedded narrative: how The Last of Us tells stories through level design

The Last of Us has been commended for its thrilling story and fantastic characters, but there was a huge amount of storytelling work that went into developing the game that may not be immediately obvious. This talk will look at how every corner, every small detail of the game was meticulously constructed to help tell the story, to enhance the mood of the moment, and to ensure that players entered a world that they could become immersed in.

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