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Rex Crowle

Creative Director, Media Molecule

Speaking at Animex Game

Rex Crowle Rex Crowle is the creative lead on Tearaway at Media Molecule, working with the team to craft its magical world realistically from paper, and then fit it all inside a PlayStation Vita.

Rex has been at Media Molecule since the early days, and his unique art style has had a big influence on the studio’s games, shaping the visual styles of LittleBigPlanet and it’s sequel, along with the creatively anarchic visual identity of the studio itself.

From his background in illustration and animation, Rex honed his skills in creating memorable characters and settings in his own distinctive style, working on projects with the likes of Disney, MTV and the BBC. When his friends formed a new video games studio in 2006, Rex found an opportunity to apply these skills to an interactive medium, and to doodle all over the walls too.

In 2013 the British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) awarded Rex with its Breakthrough Brit award, recognising new British talent across the Film, Television and Games industries.

Talk: Building Paper Worlds

Rex Crowle unwraps the development of Tearaway, Media Molecule's innovative PSVita game, from origami prototypes to full digital paper world

Speaking on:

  • Monday 10 February: 10:00am
  • Tuesday 11 February: 10:00am
  • Saturday 05 September: 1:00pm
  • Sunday 06 September: 9:00am
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