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Ed Hooks

Acting Instructor and Author

Speaking at Animex AVFX

Ed Hooks

Ed is a pioneer in the teaching of acting theory to animators. He is the author of Acting for Animators and Acting in Animation: A Look at 12 Films and has lectured at studios and animation schools the world over. He has taught for Disney on three continents, PDI/DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sony, Blue Sky, Black Rock, Ubisoft, Midway Games, Epic Games, Valve Software and many others. Ed has taught in Australia, Brazil, Singapore and many places in between.
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Talk: Right-brain Animator? Left-brain Animator? Really? Discuss.

The traditional animator is to the CG animator as the tabby-cat is to the mountain lion. Both are members of the same Felidae cat family but, beyond that, they are two different kinds of animals. It is a right-brain versus left-brain distinction. The drawing hand of a traditional animator is more directly connected to the heart, empathy and emotional expression; a computer keyboard is as left-brain as a device can be, and most CG animators are selected for their ability to manipulate pixels with that keyboard. Even if you do not fully accept the right-brain vs. left-brain model, you probably

Speaking on:

  • Thursday 13 February: 10:00am
  • Friday 14 February: 10:00am
  • Monday 09 February: 10:00am
  • Saturday 05 September: 2:00pm
  • Sunday 06 September: 2:30pm
  • Sunday 06 September: 9:00am
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