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Andrew Walker Andrew has been in the videogames industry for almost 23 years, and has worked for Imagitec, Sunflowers Interactive (Germany), Dreamweavers (later Gremlin Interactive), Sony Computer Entertainment, Rage Software, Rockstar and Team 17, during which time he has been involved in virtually every aspect of videogame art creation and project management. At Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew was in the art team that received a BAFTA for visual design for Wip3out. He also created the art departments at both Sunflowers and Rage's Leeds studio, where he was respectively artistic director and art manager. He formed his own company called R8 games in 2001 to develop original IP for next generation consoles and won start-up up funds from Start! Games Ltd, a funding venture set up by Telewest to promote development talent in the UK to take an original concept to publishers.

In Dec 2008, Andrew decided to move into education and started up Neutek Ltd - an ICT education learning provider. He has been course leader at Norton Sheffield College on their new BTEC ND course in Games Development and now lectures at Teesside university on undergraduate and post graduate courses in games art and design. In addition, Andrew has a business development position at Teesside start-up Landslide studios, working to source domestic and international development projects. They are currently working to release his IP Criminalympics through Kickstarter, in order to breathe new life into the project he first created with R8 Games. Andrew is a champion of casual games and pure game-play rather than derivative epics with tired mechanics.

Talk: Indie Development Panel – The Renaissance

Moderated by veteran games designer Alex Trowers. This is a very exciting time for games graduates. The range of platforms, engines and market places available to everyone has brought about a renaissance period for games. This panel gives you the chance to quiz a range of indie developers and learn how to make your own way in the industry. Panel Guests: Richard Franke, Ken Wong - Hackey Cat, Ella Romanos - Remode Studios, Teesside graduates Ben Morris and Rex Hancox - Jet Stone Studios, Andrew Walker - Landslide Studios.

Speaking on:

  • Tuesday 19 February: 11:00am
  • Monday 18 February: 11:00am
  • Thursday 21 February: 9:45am
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