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Ben Morris

Director/Progammer, Jet Stone Studios

Speaking at Animex Game

Ben Morris Ben started hobbyist games development back in 2003 using GameMaker to create small games played between his classmates. After realising a career could be made out of it, he came to Teesside University to study computer games programming.

During his time there he released two games on the Xbox Live Indie Games service and did a work placement at Ubisoft Reflections working on Driver: San Francisco. Immediately after graduating in 2012, he set up independent games development company Jet Stone Studios with two friends. Their current game in progress, Fuz, is due for release on iOS and Android in early 2013.

Talk: Indie Development Panel – The Renaissance

Moderated by veteran games designer Alex Trowers. This is a very exciting time for games graduates. The range of platforms, engines and market places available to everyone has brought about a renaissance period for games. This panel gives you the chance to quiz a range of indie developers and learn how to make your own way in the industry. Panel Guests: Richard Franke, Ken Wong - Hackey Cat, Ella Romanos - Remode Studios, Teesside graduates Ben Morris and Rex Hancox - Jet Stone Studios, Andrew Walker - Landslide Studios.

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