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Murray Barber

VFX Supervisor, The Mill (London)

Speaking at Animex Game

Murray Barber Murray joined The Mill in 2006 as Head of Shake for commercials before stepping up to the role of 2D Lead Compositor for Mill TV and from there to VFX Supervisor. During his time at The Mill, he has led his 2D team on many award winning episodes of the high profile drama Doctor Who.

In 2009 they received a VES Award for their work on Doctor Who’s Silence in the Library and a BAFTA Craft Award for Doctor Who’s Fires of Pompeii. And in 2010 they won an RTS Craft and Design Award for Doctor Who’s The Pandorica Opens. Murray has a very strong film and commercial background with extensive experience as a compositor on feature films including Kingdom of Heaven, Blackhawk Down, Hannibal, Troy, Sahara, Corpse Bride, Amazing Grace, three of the Harry Potter films, Pride and Prejudice, 28 Weeks Later and both the Lara Croft Tomb Raider films. Prior to joining The Mill in 2006, he had also worked at Mill Film, back in 2001. He has also worked at MPC, Double Negative and Cinesite.

Talk: Film VFX on a TV budget

Murray Barber talks about the trials and tribulations of working on VFX projects for TV and gives amusing examples of the difficulties faced. He will demonstrate how The Mill create high end VFX on diminishing budgets and the creative collaboration that happens from script to screen.

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