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Ed Hooks

Acting Instructor and Author

Speaking at Animex Talk

Ed Hooks Ed is a pioneer in the teaching of acting theory to animators. He is the author of Acting for Animators and Acting in Animation: A Look at 12 Films and has lectured at studios and animation schools the world over.

He has taught for Disney on three continents, PDI/DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sony, Blue Sky, Black Rock, Ubisoft, Midway Games, Epic Games, Valve Software and many others. He has taught in Australia, Brazil, Singapore and many places in between.

Talk: The Animation Community is Maturing. Now What?

CG technology has grown out of puberty and is shaving regularly. Pixar and DreamWorks have built McMansions, Disney is in negotiations to buy China, and video game consoles are threatening to get a legal separation if the developers don’t quit fooling around with mobile devices. The animation neighborhood is expanding its boundaries and laying foundations for several new shopping centres. How does this growth affect career planning for the aspiring animator? What new options are out there for the seasoned pro? Ed Hooks (Acting for Animators) has been reading tea leaves and will tell you what h

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