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Jeep Barnett

Game programmer, Valve

Speaking at Animex Game

Jeep Barnett Humble janitor turned game programmer, in 2001 Jeep Barnett decided to take his life from the toilet stalls to the academic halls. While earning a Bachelor of Science degree from DigiPen Institute of Technology, he created the innovative student game Narbacular Drop.

After seeing the potential in Jeep and his team Valve hired them to re-imagine Narbacular Drop as Portal, which went on to win over 30 ‘Game of the Year’ awards. He has since worked on a variety of critically-acclaimed Valve titles including Portal 2, Left 4 Dead and Alien Swarm. He is currently writing code for the ever-evolving Team Fortress 2.

Talk: Co-opting Portal 2’s cooperative testing initiative

It took over three years to expand Portal's minimalist design into a fully fledged sequel while maintaining the original's polish and charm. Jeep returns to Animex to reveal the development process behind Portal 2's experimental two-player campaign and its free expansion, Peer Review. Explore the unique challenges in helping players think cooperatively and the exciting opportunities afforded by their companionship.

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