Animex Exhibition

Monday 6 - Friday 10 February

Europa Building, Teesside University

After last year’s successful exhibition featuring the movie poster Animex proudly presents Movie Posters Two, the sequel. This year we are focusing on Drew Stuzan, an artist in the field, and providing an exhibition featuring modern double sided posters.

The movie poster was once the first line in film advertising having the important job of enticing the public into seeing a particular movie. Over the years many tactics have been employed to achieve this, from sensational claims and exploitation and teasing press releases and imagery, to the simple use of bold typography and modern day holograms.

Today the movie poster works alongside huge banners and elaborate cardboard stands but has taken a second billing to movie trailers - which are easily accessed online.

The art of hand illustrating is a fading craft - there is a distinct moment in movie poster history when computers became powerful enough to create and manipulate images and graphics. This also created a new genre in movie poster style, but there is no comparison to hand painted and hand drawn images and graphics to sum up the feel of the film. Drew Struzan is one of the very few illustrators that still hand paints his movie posters.

Stephen Murray
Curator, Animex Exhibition

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