Animex Game

Animex Game

7 - 8 February

Fully Booked - OL1, Europa Building, Teesside University

Please note: the schedule of events and speakers at Animex Game is a provisional programme and is subject to change.

Animex Game: 8 February
9.15am Registration
Foyer of Europa Building
10.00am How to make a sequel to DJ Hero™
Andy Bastable, FreeStyleGames

Focussing on all aspects of game development, FreeStyleGames' Andy Bastable talks us through the story of DJ Hero 2™ and the challenges involved in following up a AAA release in just 12 months.
11.30am Break
11.45am Action Horror: taking Dead Space in a new direction
Wright Bagwell, Electronic Arts

Dead Space was considered to be one of the scariest video games ever made, but for many players it was considered too stressful to be enjoyable for 10 hours. For Dead Space 2, we set out to keep everything that made Dead Space 1 great - the horror, the atmosphere, the immersiveness, but we wanted to give players more variety, and a few breaks from the terror so that more people could actually get through the game without getting too many gray hairs. This talk will focus on the ways we changed the game in order to make it more palatable to both our existing fans and to new ones.
12.15pm Lunch
1.30pm Making games is easy: getting paid is hard
Alex Trowers, Disney Blackrock Studios

Coming up with ideas and making a cool, fun game would be a bit of a doddle - if that's all you had to do. The problem is you've got to do all manner of other stuff like pay rent or salaries or buy licenses or food. If you're not already minted, this means you'll need to convince someone else to pay for this stuff and that, my friend, is the real trick.
2.15pm Movies, monsters and more
Jim Zubkavich, UDON

Jim Zubkavich, Project Manager at UDON Entertianment, talks about the studio crossing the 10 year threshold while still going strong in the video game and comic business, along with project details and anecdotes about their shift to more movie clients, teaming up with Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures to provide advertising/design artwork for films including Inception, Clash of the Titans, Godzilla and the upcoming Zack Schnyder mindtrip-action extravaganza, Suckerpunch.
3.00pm Break
3.15pm A week in the life of a level designer
Phil Co, Valve

Phil explains the level design process at Valve, he breaks it down into a typical week during key phases of development.
4.00pm The tricks & treats of Costume Quest
Tasha Harris, Double Fine

For the past 10 years, Double Fine Productions has become known for producing big-budget, larger scope adventure games such Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. In October 2010 they released their first downloadable game, a small RPG called Costume Quest. In this lecture, project lead Tasha Harris will discuss some of the challenges the team faced in bringing the game from concept to creation in less than a year.
5.00pm Close

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