Dave Mousley

Managing Director, Red Vision

Speaking at Animex Business

Dave worked initially in the music business, moving into television production in 1976 when he joined Anglia Television. Two years on, he became involved in freelance corporate television production, and later established Ram Vision. Dave joined Red Vision in 1995 as Commercial Director, two years later he became Managing Director, with particular responsibility for new projects and strategic business development to utilise the core Cg and software skill sets of the company.

Red Vision has established facilities in Manchester and London, and has now opened production facilities in Toronto in a joint venture with Ontario based C4 Studios. Through Red Vision Vfx subsidiaries Red Fusion , Film Red and Altered Visions, Dave is continually involved in developing, financing and producing in-house animated and Vfx rich TV and Film IPs.

Red Vision have been commissioned by ITV Granada to design and produce the award winning CGI and character animation for Headcases, the successor to the tradition for political and celebrity satire established by Spitting Images, and the second series of this is now in pre production

Dave has been nominated for 4 BAFTA Visual Effects awards (winning one in 2004 and 2005), three Royal Television Society Awards (winning one in 2006 and 2008), and three EMMY awards.