Animex Experience 2009

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Animexperience lecture Fun at Teesside Archives Back drop for animation made by Animexperience animation club during the summer holidays Families queue around the block for Animex free screenings at CineWorld 8am Animexperience gang Mackenzie Thorpe competition winners Design for Animexperience Road Safety animation Thinking and writing Dougy and Chris arrested by Storm Troopers at Cineworld prior to Family Fun Day Sand Man at the tills at Cineworld Concentration time Planning and story boarding The creative process In a world of your own Anything can do to make a backdrop Sticky plastic: The animators tools All smiles We are winners (Park End Primary)sweep the board with three winners from the Mackenzie Thorpe 'My Town' internationl competition. Plastercine men Girls just want to have fun Fun at Teesside Archives Working at the Archives Research time Tools of the trade Scissors and paper: Next stop Hollywood Lecture time This is great this animation lark I'M Proud of myself Editing with the professionals Clive News ; Shaz advertises Animex in the local community Some of the Animexperience gang Technical Direction Supervising Animators Character development Chris and film directors Broccoli with eyes Community animation scene 1