Animex Game

8 - 9 February

Fully Booked - OL1, Europa Building, Teesside University

Please note: the schedule of events and speakers at Animex Game is a provisional programme and is subject to change.

Animex Game: 9 February
9.15am Registration
Foyer of Europa Building
10.00am Panel Session: Breaking into the industry

Sean Crooks Associate Producer at Ubisoft chairs a panel of speakers from Animex Game. This session will look at how they got into the games industry and what you can do now to land the role you want.
10.45am From zero to DJ Hero™
Andy Bastable, FreeStyleGames

From DIY electronics in a garage to million selling music franchise; FreeStyleGames' Andy Bastable talks us through the triumphs and challenges the team faced when making DJ Hero™ a reality.
11.30am Break
11.45am Left4Dead 2
Tristan Reidford, Valve

Tristan delivers an overview of the production pipeline of the L4D2 survivor characters. Covering concept art generation through to final in game models.
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm BAFTA presents: Claymation on a console - The sculpting of Cletus Clay
Sarah Webb, Tuna

 Bafta-sponsored sessionClaymation artist Sarah shares her experiences constructing Cletus Clay, the upcoming PC/XBLA side-scrolling platform brawler from Sheffield indie developer Tuna. All the game's graphics are made using traditional stop-motion clay animation, then extruded into 3D meshes. This gives the models a true feeling of volume and allows cutting-edge graphics techniques like dynamic shadow-casting, creating the closest thing to a real clay-animated movie ever seen in a game.

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2.15pm Completing the performance: Animating for the active cinematic experience in Uncharted 2
Eric Baldwin, Naughty Dog

The experience of playing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has been best described as playing your way through a good blockbuster action movie. All the elements are there: The story is compelling, the action is intense, the visuals are stunning, and the characters are realized in an authentic manner, befitting of the comparisons to their big screen counterparts.

This talk will detail this process with a particular focus on the production pipeline as it relates to completing the performance. From editing the mocap selects, to the camera work and presentation of the scenes, and finally, to the detailed animation of the characters bodies and faces, the process is an extended team effort, and I look forward to sharing our process and insights on this endeavor.
3.00pm Break
3.15pm Creating animation with motion capture and enjoying it!
Jim Gentile, Creative Director, Motion Capture/Animation

Jim will talk about the misconceptions about motion capture and game animation and how to integrate this tool into your pipeline effectively. He will share his experiences from a 15 year (and counting) career as a director of motion capture at Midway Games regarding the trials and tribulations of backing this relatively new tool and it's future in gaming and film.
4.00pm Brutal Legend: A visual onslaught
Scott Campbell, Double Fine

Concept artist Scott Campbell discusses the creative vision behind the heavy metal epic Brutal Legend. From the absurdly awesome imagery associated with heavy metal album cover art and hot rod culture to the colossal visual tales woven by Norse mythology, Brutal Legend pulls from many areas and combines them to create a new world with its own layered lore and epicness. This talk takes us through how this vision came to fruition and looks at the characters that help us feel immersion in this world.
5.00pm Close