Animex Awards

0023 Descendants, Heiko Van Der Scherm, Goro Fujita, Felix Graf, Vladimir Martinka and Christy Scott Cashman from Filmakadenie Baden - Wuerttemberg, Germany

In the six years we have been running the Animex Awards we have received a plethora of student material from around the world. Some years we will be inundated with works from Europe - some years with works from North America. This year the competition has attracted a strong contingent of games and animation material from Asia, in particular from Taiwan and South Korea.

We'd like to think that the quality of the student work that is being submitted by these colleges/universities reflects the progress that has been made in the delivery of games and animation programmes in these eastern territories. Then again, let us not forget about the influence that Silicon Valley is having on this region. Only recently Industrial Light and Magic have established a new studio in Singapore with a mandate to produce animation for the film, television and games market. Alongside this Singapore will also play host to the 1st ACM Siggraph conference and exhibition in Asia entitled 'New Horizons'.

Whichever way we look at it it's always great to see new work being submitted to Animex Awards from educational establishments that are new to this field. And for those students and educators that are working with stop motion - Animex is one of the few (if not the only) competitive event that recognises and rewards stop motion animation techniques.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted material in this year's tenth anniversary festival competition. We look forward to more next year.

Justin S Greetham - Head of Animex Awards
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