Dave Sproxton

David Sproxton David is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Aardman. Together with co-founder Peter Lord, he has overseen the development of the company from a two-man partnership to one of the preeminent animation houses in the industry. David has served as a producer, director or cinematographer on a number of animated projects at Aardman. After graduating from Durham University, David decided to pursue filmmaking full-time. In 1972, David and Peter formed Aardman and in 1976, moved to their permanent home in Bristol, England.

Their first professional creation was the character Morph, who went on to star in the BBC series The Amazing Adventures of Morph. During this period, the duo made Down and Out and Confessions of a Foyer Girl, to which they applied the groundbreaking technique of using recorded conversations of real people as the basis for the script. Later, five more films called Conversation Pieces, using the same vox pop technique, were commissioned by Channel 4. Vox pop was also utilised in Aardman's Lip Synch series for Channel 4 which included Nick Park's Oscar®-winning short - Creature Comforts. David co-produced Aardman's first feature film Chicken Run, made in association with DreamWorks, and also co-produced the Wallace and Gromit feature The Curse of the Wererabbit in association with DreamWorks. The CGI feature Flushed Away and the continuing development of further feature ideas. He is also involved in the many TV projects the studio is developing including Angry Kid, Shaun the Sheep and Chop Socky Chooks.