Tom Martinek

Tom Martinek Tom has been working in the film business for over 23 years. Starting out after high school as an assistant effects makeup artist on low budget horror films, he moved on to production and screenwriting work for the legendary Troma Films company in New York. He later worked as a model builder and motion control camera operator for Apogee Productions headed by famed Star Wars veteran John Dykstra. After working as the Digital I/O Supervisor at Pacific Data Images South, he moved up to Northern California when he landed a job at Industrial Light & Magic in 1995.

Thirteen years later, he continues to work on many of Hollywood's biggest blockbuster films such as Iron Man, Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean 2. While at Animex, Tom plans to do some location scouting for his upcoming imaginary film titled, Bangers and Mashed: A Love Story.