Animex Talk

5 - 6 February

OL1, Europa Building, University of Teesside
Fully Booked - Animex Talk and Festival Pass holders only

Please note: the schedule of events and speakers at Animex Talk is a provisional programme and is subject to change.

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Animex Talk: 5 February
9.00am Registration
Foyer of Europa Building
9.30am Welcome and Opening Address
Professor Paul Wells, Loughborough University
10.00am Living the dream - running your own CG studio
Dave Throssell, Fluid Pictures

Why bother interviewing for a job when you could start your own company? In this talk based on his own experiences Dave talks about how he ended up owning his own Soho facility. In doing so he gives a wider insight into the CG business and community. Details include 'why your business plan is doomed to failure' and 'why did we buy that?'. It will include technology details and true life examples of what went right and wrong.
10.40am Producing Content as a Package
Chris Rose, HIT Entertainment

Chris, Programming and Development Manager for HIT Entertainment, considers the issue of developing content for a range of delivery platforms. Whilst making a TV show is great, you have to think about other consumer platforms - radio, online and VOD. Chris will look at how production should factor these into the development and subsequent production of programming.

He will also examine issues such as targeting the right demographic, knowing your audience, the trials and tribulations of co-productions and funding. With fewer broadcast opportunities and the broadcasters increasingly doing their own animated series, what are the opportunities for broadcast slots?
11.20am Break
11.35am The Future of Performance
Ed Hooks

Mickey Mouse, the first animated character to have a brain, turned 80 years old on 18 November, 2008. Toy Story came out in 1995 and will turn 14 years old this year. The Incredibles, first all-human 3D animated feature will be five years old in 2009. Consider the sophistication of performance in WALL-E (2008) in comparison to Luxo, Jr. (1986)

How much better can performance in animation get? Is photo-real the Holy Grail? How essential is it that animation escape The Uncanny Valley? If you consider how far performance animation has come in the past fifteen years, it is reasonable to presume that the art will be just about perfect 15 years from now. What will that accomplishment do for us?
12.15pm Tips for Students
Andrew Daffy and Matt Estela, House of Curves

Based on their 'Tips for Students' poster released in Imagine magazine in September 2008, Andrew and Matt will discuss how to make the most out of college life, relating specific tips to real world examples from projects they've been chiseling away at over the last year.
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1.00pm Lunch
1.30pm Iron Man: Behind the Mask
Tom Martinek, Industrial Light + Magic

Go behind the scenes of one of last summer's hottest movies and see what it takes to make a hero. Industrial Light + Magic veteran Tom Martinek will walk you through the techniques used to bring this Marvel Comics legend to life. He'll cover the production from concept art to finished shots, including some never seen before test footage.
2.15pm Don't make me angry: dissecting the inner Hulk
Hans Rijpkema, Rhythm & Hues Studios

Hans puts the Incredible Hulk on the couch and see what makes his dual personality tick and how Rhythm & Hues tried to deal with the green monster's physical and emotional issues.

For the 'Hulk-out' effect from Bruce Banner to the Hulk it was necessary to non-uniformly transition between two different characters with different topologies, proportions, and sizes. A single transformation rig meant the animator could control the timing of when and how each individual part of the body transformed. A very tight integration of rigging, animation, and lighting was required. The deformations of the characters were almost entirely based on a muscle-based system that allows for automated and manually controlled muscle flexing.
Watch the trailer for Hulk
3.00pm Break
3.15pm The Design of Horton Hears a Who
Jason Sadler, Blue Sky Studios

How do you translate Dr Seuss into a CG animated feature? Jason will explain how the visual development department at Blue Sky Studios transformed the Dr Seuss world from Ted Geisel's pen and ink illustrations into their 3D animated treatment. We will look at the department's three main disciplines, environment design, color design, and Jason's specialty, character design.
Watch the trailer for Horton Hears a Who
4.00pm The Tale of Despereaux: delivering Framestore's first fully animated feature film
Andy Lomas, Framestore

Based on Kate DiCamillo's novel, a Newbery Medalwinner for children's literature, Despereaux is the tale of three misfits - a banished mouse, a rat who likes the light and a young servant girl with cauliflower ears - whose fates are intertwined with a princess.

Andy will demonstrate some of the key challenges faced by Framestore in the production of the studios' first fully animated feature and show how some of the key scenes were created.
Watch the trailer for The Tale of Despereaux
5.00pm Close
7.30pm Lounge at the Hub, Students' Union

Join delegates and speakers for a relaxed evening over a beer and a bite to eat; music to listen to and animation to watch.